The dietary supplement industry is huge! And by huge we’re talking tens of billions of dollars in annual sales. Some of the most popular dietary supplements are fish oil, protein powders, probiotics, vitamin D, antioxidants and the ever popular multi-vitamin mineral supplement. Thing is, not all vitamins/dietary supplements are created equal. Watch Dr. Chad Larson get into what makes a good multivitamin mineral supplement and also what you want to avoid.

This may come as a shocker, but not all multi vitamins are created equally. In my opinion, the junk that you can purchase in most places like grocery stores, drug stores, and warehouse-type stores is not helpful for your health and may even be a little harmful. Most of those products are manufactured by mystery companies or pharmaceutical companies that – News Flash! – care more about profit margins than your health. DR. CHAD LARSON

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly In The World of Vitamins – An Overview of Episode 2:

  • The confusion associated with nutritional supplementation, the supplement industry, and how to know what is right for you
  • The importance of targeted nutritional supplementation, the problem with “disease care” as opposed to disease “prevention”
  • How to identify a good multivitamin
  • Ingredients to look for and ingredients to avoid
  • How to properly read an ingredient label
  • Vitamin B12: Methylcobalamin Vs. Cyanocobalamin
  • Identifying other good forms of Vitamin B and Vitamin E
  • How to identify a good mineral source
  • How to identify a good source of calcium
  • The dangers of hydrogenated oils in your vitamins

The Multivitamin Dr. Larson recommends is Daily Multi from Iagen Professional.  This recommended Daily Multivitamin offers an easy to take 2 a-day formula. With advanced forms of nutrients for easy absorption, but big on potency.


Daily Multi

Activated B-Complex

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