Supplements for Age-Related Skin Damage


As collagen and elastin production in the skin decrease with age and oxidative damage, wrinkles are inevitable; however, if they bother you, here are several supplements that have been found in some studies to help reduce the visible signs of skin aging by either targeting skin cells’ energy production or by providing antioxidant activity:


Coenzyme Q10 —In one study, topical application of a coenzyme Q10-containing cream increased cellular energy and boosted skins’ antioxidant capacity.

Vitamin E —Vitamin E’s antioxidant activity has been found to help protect skin from oxidative damage. If using as a topical preparation, look for vitamin E products containing ferulic acid and vitamin C for optimal protection.

Vitamin C —This vitamin protects against free radical damage and is integral for collagen formation and maintenance. Vitamin C topical preparations have been shown to increase skins’ collagen synthesis.

Alpha-lipoic acid —This antioxidant might help improve the appearance of crepe skin (the thin, dry, finely wrinkled skin that results from chonological aging rather than from sun damage) by aiding in the synthesis of new collagen.


For more information about collagen, we would encourage you to learn more here about the various sources of collagen and how it is used by the body for better skin, reducing wrinkles and decrease signs of aging.



Source: BioFactors


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