Unfortunately, the term “superfood” has saturated the market, and in the process, it has lost some of the meaning behind what a superfood is. A superfood is a type of food that contains a high concentration of nutrients that comes with very few calories. When the term is used correctly, it describes a high potency number of vitamins and minerals packed into every serving. That was the starting point when we formulated NewGreens® Superberry.


The world super is used in the name, and with good reason. There are over 40 plus certified organic ingredients that would fall into the category of superfoods contained in our product. One such superfood that is featured in NewGreens Superberry flavor is called VitaBlue®. VitaBlue® contains a powerful class of antioxidants called anthocyanins. In just one gram, VitaBlue® provides the equivalent amount of this antioxidant as eating two and a half full-cups of wild organic whole food blueberries. 

-Dr Chad Larson


One ingredient that NewGreens® Superberry contains is the North American blueberry. The super extract form that is contained in NewGreens® is called VitaBlue®, and it is different from regular ingredients. This supercharged blueberry extract in Superberry is grown in North America and certified 100% Organic. When tested against other wild blueberries, in their whole form, the VitaBlue® in NewGreens® has the same 28 superfood components, which are called phenolic compounds. Phenolic compounds are the nutrients that give wild blueberries their super-charge.

Also, when tested, VitaBlue® has all the anthocyanins present, which are power-packed superfood components, as well. In just one gram, VitaBlue® provides you the equivalent amount of anthocyanins as eating two and a half full-cups of wild whole blueberries. The nutrients found in VitaBlue®, along with a host of others, are a key feature in our NewGreens® Superberry product. Every time that you use our product, you get the benefit of VitaBlue® superfood combined with a ton of other high potency nutrients.


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