There is an herbal product that I want to familiarize you with today. The product features a blend of a variety of botanicals, some of which have been used for thousands of years. And fortunately many of them have been scientifically researched to explain how they have survived the test of time and how they help the human body. The name of the product is SR Stamina. I formulated SR Stamina several years ago to support the HPA (Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal axis, which influences your adrenal hormones. There are over ten medicinal botanicals in the product, and the reason why I want to talk about it right now is the positive impact I am seeing it have on people in this COVID era.

SR Stamina works in three ways. The first is to support the integrity of the immune system. With all that is going on, many people want to do what they can to support their immune system health to avoid being a susceptible host to any opportunistic pathogens. Another benefit that SR Stamina provides is that it helps to increase your overall mental and physical stamina. A lot of people are very stressed both mentally and physically because they have been knocked off their normal routine. Lastly, the ingredients in this product help to target these stress systems and decrease the adverse effects of long term stress on the brain, body and immune system. One of the ways SR Stamina works is by modulating stress hormones to decrease the long-term effects of them on your body.

If you can raise the stress threshold in your body, you will have better mental clarity which will reflect in a better sense of energy and wellbeing.

-Dr Chad Larson


One of the key botanicals that I want to highlight is Eleuthero, which is a botanical that has been used medicinally for a very long time. This special botanical has been shown to increase both your mental and physical acuity. Stress is at an all-time high right now, and for many, the effect might be an imbalance of stress hormones which can lead to immune system imbalances. Sometimes stress can cause the body to respond by releasing too many stress hormones, and yet other times, the hormones can be suppressed. Eleuthero is an herbal adaptogen that helps to modify stress hormone levels to bring them back to a normal and healthy range. In doing so, they help to boost your immune system health and reduce the risk that these times of stress will make your body more susceptible to pathogens that lead to illness.

Another key botanical is Cordyceps, and it has also been used for ages. Modern athletes often use it to help increase both their mental and physical endurance to perform better. Not many botanicals have been proven to have such a profound and targeted effect as Cordyceps has. The third botanical I want to shine some light on is Rhodiola. Rhodiola has long had a folklore of being a Viking warrior’s secret weapon because it works in a very powerful way. Once believed to be a key to the Viking’s stamina and ability to overcome both fatigue and infection; the studies are real, and it is not just folklore. Rhodiola has been studied extensively and proven to greatly enhance both physical and mental acuity. At a time when we are receiving so many incoming messages that might lead to stress, the addition of Rhodiola to help override clouded thinking and to find more clarity is key!

As a bonus, I want to highlight turmeric, which has been around for thousands of years. Turmeric helps to support your immune system in very specific ways. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps to reduce free radical damage. Free radical damage occurs at the cellular level and can result in things like premature aging and making a person more susceptible to pathogens and illness. Turmeric and one of its most active components, curcumin, also helps to reduce inflammation in the body. Prolonged inflammation can weigh you down, and, over time, will reduce your energy levels and generally just make you feel drained. When you decrease inflammation in the body, it can help to improve your energy and reduce the fatigue that can lead to poorer immune system response. As COVID continues to be a factor in our day to day, it can increase the cytokine stores, which are pro-inflammatory chemicals. These inflammatory substances can hasten your susceptibility to infections like viruses and also make them much more dangerous.

So there are many ways that the botanicals of SR Stamina work to increase your overall health, mentally and physically. And with so much going on in today’s world, it is valuable support to add to your daily routine to decrease inflammation, balance stress hormones, and increase your energy. This is a product that I highly recommend for daily support that will help keep you physically and mentally supported through these challenging times.



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